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Hello! Welcome to The Nevers Podcast! We're a fan community celebrating the return of Joss Whedon and his new epic HBO series THE NEVERS.

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Jun 8, 2023


In the latest episode of The Nevers Podcast, we dive into the climatic moments that unfolded in the final episode of the series. We analyze the significance of True and Adair's escape from the power station and the implications it holds for the touched community. We also discuss the confrontation between True, Adair and Lavinia, exploring its consequences and the casualties of the battle between the Touched and anti-touched purists. We also examine the role of Dr. Hague and the orange energy in the final moments, discussing the impact of his acquisition of the Galanthi and the subsequent loss of powers among the Touched. We also explore recurring themes and symbolism, including sacrifice and redemption, power and unity and the symbolism of light and darkness. We reflect on the impact of these themes on the characters' journeys and the overarching narrative. Finally, we share our personal reflections on the final episode of The Nevers, discussing the season as a whole and the journey of the characters.


But wait, there's more! We have an exciting announcement to make. The Nevers Podcast is undergoing a rebranding, taking it to new horizons! While still centered around Joss Whedon, the podcast will expand its focus to cover a wide range of Whedon-related topics, including deep dives into his comic books, movies, iconic TV shows and un-produced scripts (many of which we have.) We're very excited about this new chapter!

If you're passionate about Whedon's works and would like to join us as a co-host on our new podcast, we want to hear from you! Send an email to expressing your interest and telling us why you'd be a great addition to our team. We can't wait to hear from you! (c:

And get ready for a roundtable discussion on Whedon as the next episode. We'll be delving into the recent controversies surrounding Joss. As fans of Joss Whedon, we felt it was essential to address the recent controversies surrounding him and the idea of redemption. Our roundtable will delve into thought-provoking discussions, including whether the negativity that some have towards Joss is fair, as well as delving into the complexities of these controversies, exploring different perspectives and examining the implications for Whedon's body of work. We believe it is crucial to have a balanced conversation, so the roundtable discussion will feature both supporters and non-supporters of Whedon to share their viewpoints. We want to create a space where we can discuss these issues respectfully while also acknowledging our continued admiration and support for Joss Whedon as a creator.

Join us on this exciting new chapter of our podcasting endeavor, and thank you for joining us on the journey of The Nevers.

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